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Message from The President

Image President Yoshihiro Hasegawa

On behalf of Harima, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued patronage.

The following is a report of our business performance on a consolidated basis for the fiscal year ended March 2017. In terms of the economic environment surrounding the company, particularly in overseas operations both sales and earnings decreased in our Paper Chemicals business in North America and China over the previous year. Due to factors such as the exchange rate to convert sales in local currency into yen favoring the yen over the previous year, LAWTER, whose principle markets are Europe and America, saw decreased sales. But by converting their earnings into the black overall overseas operations earnings increased. Regarding domestic business, sales have decreased due to the decrease in sales volume, however the company maintained the same level of profitability as the previous year.

As a result, consolidated net sales of our group decreased by 9,593 million yen (minus 11.8% compared to the year before) to 71,384 million yen.
Regarding earnings, the operating income was 3,975 million yen, an increase of 1,538 million yen, or 63.1% over the previous year. Ordinary income increased to 3,931 million yen, an increase of 706 million yen, or 21.9% over the previous year. Current term net profit belonging to the parent company's shareholders has been 2,421 million yen, an increase of 1,198 million yen, or 98.0% over the previous year.

The company is currently engaged in "NEW HARIMA 2018", a mid-term, three-year management plan that has been initiated in March of 2017. In the second period, which starts from March of 2018, we will make efforts toward accelerating the development of new products utilizing our globally expanding network of locations, expanding our business scale and acquiring new technologies, and increasing our competitiveness in terms of quality and price.

Thanks to all of you, this company will reach the 70th anniversary of its establishment on November 18, 2017.
For this we offer our most humble gratitude to our shareholders and investors for their support.
To show our gratitude for this continued support, in the yearly dividends for the fiscal year ended March 2018 we plan to implement a commemorative dividend of 4 yen per share (2 yen interim dividends), for an expected total of 22 yen per share (11 yen interim dividends) combined with the normal dividends.
We appreciate your support and look forward to forging stronger relationships with all our business partners.

June 2017
Harima Chemicals Group, Inc.
President and CEO
Yoshihiro Hasegawa

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