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Biomass Power System

Sustainability is Integral to Harima's Corporate Mission

The biomass power plant completed in March 2005 was recognized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's 2003 new energy business promotion initiative as a biomass power business fueled by waste oil generated when crude tall oil extracted from pine trees is refined.
The steam and power generated by this facility covers the steam and power needs of the entire Kakogawa site, with surplus electricity being supplied to a power company. Harima Chemicals Group's utilization of biomass fuel effectively cuts annual carbon dioxide emissions by 30,000 tons.

Image Panoramic View of Biomass Power Facilities, Steam Turbine Power Generator

Image Biomass Power System

Specifications of Core Facilities

Core Equipment

Boiler Fuel Tall Oil By-product (biomass fuel)
Heating Value: approx. 36,000 kJ/kg
Model Natural Circulation Double Drum Water-tube Boiler
Steam Volume 30,000kg/h
Steam Conditions 5.1MPa/355°C
Turbine Model 8 Stage Extraction Turbine
Output 4,000kW
Steam Conditions 5.0MPa/350°C
Power Generator Model Three-phase Synchronous Generator
Capacity 4,444kVA
Voltage 6,600V
Power Factor 90%

Environmental Conservation Facilities

Precipitator Model Electric Type (dry)
Desulfurizer Model Wet Type (magnesium hydroxide)
Denitrator Model Low NOx Burner

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