The pioneer of quick-set printing inks Daniel J. Terra and his financial partner J. Lawson founded LAWTER Chemicals in Chicago in 1940, the name LAWTER being a combination of their last names Lawson and Terra. The company went on to expand its business in America and Europe as LAWTER International Inc., eventually establishing itself as a leading global manufacturer of printing ink resin.

The name LAWTER all but disappeared after successive acquisitions by Eastman Chemical Company in 1999 and then Momentive Specialty Chemicals (previously Hexion Specialty Chemicals) in 2004 until Harima Chemicals acquired it in January 2011. The well-known LAWTER brand was subsequently reestablished and the company was returned to its rightful position as a leading global player.

Image :  LAWTER

Business Description

Research, development, manufacture and sales of rosin related products including resin for printing inks and adhesives, synthetic rubber emulsifier, and rectified (aromatic) turpentine


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