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Environmental Management

Harima Chemicals Group, Inc. has been expanding its environmental management system under its environmental policy and based on ISO14001.
Each department and section sets annual goals following the company’s objectives and goals to continuously reduce environmental loads and implement environmental conservation activities.

Environmental Goals and Achievements

We prepare mid-term environmental goals for each theme (currently FY2015 Environmental Goals), set specific annual objectives and promote efforts to achieve the goals.

FY2015 Achievements and the Mid-term Environmental Goals (FY2020 Environmental Goals)

Evaluation Criteria
◎: Achieved ◯: Partially achieved △: Ongoing efforts; not achieved ×: Efforts not sufficient

Theme FY2015 Goals FY2015 Achievements Decision FY2020 Goals
Prevention of Global Warming Reduction of electricity consumption by 1% compared to the year before(intensity-base) Intensity: Increase by 3.8% × Reduction of energy intensity by 1% per year
Reduction of fuel consumption by 1% compared to the year before(intensity-base) Intensity: Increase by 2.2% ×
Reduction of CO2 emission by 2% compared to the year before CO2 emission: Increase by 2.7% × Reduction of CO2 emission by 25% from 1990 level
Increase accuracy of the logistics data aggregation Intensity: Reduction by 1.2%
Effective use of resources Reduction of the amount of waste generation by 4% Amount of generation: Reduction by 3.1% Continue zero final landfill
Continuation of zero-emission* (0.0%) Achievement of zero-emission (0.0%)
Chemical substance management Reduction of the emission of substances subject to PRTR by 1% Emission to the atmosphere: Increase by 0.5% × Unified control by a chemical substance management system
Compliance to environment-related regulations Application for low-volume new products
Raw material and product control by a chemical substance management system - SDS preparation support
- System improvement
Crisis management Absence due to Personal Injury:0 Leave due to accident: 0 case Strengthening of disaster prevention system based on risk management
Near-Injury:Reduction to half compared to the year before (not more than 5) No leave after accident: 7 cases (decreased from the previous FY by 3 cases)
Strengthening pollution prevention monitoring (environment-related complaint 0) Environment-related complaint: 1 case (decreased from the previous FY by 1 case)
Provision of an emergency response manual Review of the existing manual and implementation of training (at each base)
Other Improving the level of internal audit - Setting priority audit items
- Raise the precaution level
Improving the level of internal auditors
Promotion of digital manifests Digitalization has been applied to some bases Promotion of digital manifests
Utilization of e-learning on environmental education Education materials such as "Offensive Odor, Noise and Vibration Control Law" are prepared Improvement of environmental awareness through education

Calculation range: Harima Chemical and Harima M.I.D.

Zero emissions: The concept proposed by the United Nations University that aims to formulate a new resource-circulating society by utilizing every waste product from one industry for a raw material in another and reduce every kind of waste to zero. Harima Chemicals strives for "reducing the landfill ratio of general and industrial waste generated from business establishments to 1% or less of the total amount."


In operating the environmental management system, we have established the "PDCA cycle" based on our environmental policy, objectives and goals. We strive for continuous improvement of the cycle and reduction of environmental loads.
During the annual Environment Month in June, we host the "Presentations on Environmental Objectives and Goals" to report our achievement status. Presented projects and examples are shared on our intranet for future reference.

Continuous Improvement

Dealing with Conflict Minerals

Inhumane actions against the public and environmental damage by the armed forces are significant problems in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and surrounding countries. Funds generated from the illegal mining of conflict minerals including tantalum, tin, gold and tungsten are used by these armed forces. In response, companies using conflict minerals should thoroughly trace and audit their supply.
Harima Chemicals Group have investigated our historic and current supplies and verified that minerals mined in conflict areas are not included in our raw materials. We will continue our investigation and verification of minerals when employing new raw materials sources and strengthen our initiatives.

Environmental Education

In order to improve the environmental awareness of each employee, we practice continuing environmental education and awareness development through workshops and seminars.
In FY2015, we hosted the Reporting Conference on Environmental Load Achievement for each plant, Workshop on Energy Conservation, Workshop on Recycling, and more. We also choose environment-related cases and utilize them for e-Learning System of environmental education.

Environmental Audit

External audit in regard to ISO14001 was received

Every year we receive an external audit provided by a certified ISO14001 auditing agency. As a result of the FY2015 external audit, we were granted the renewal of the registration as the decision was made that there was no issue in doing so.

ISO14001 Internal Audit was conducted

During our internal audit, certified auditors inspect whether the environmental management system is being operated in an effective way. In order to perform a more effective audit, we specify priority audit items to the internal auditors.

Environmental Communication

Since the publication of "Environmental Report" in 2003, Harima Chemicals Group, Inc. has been reporting on environmental efforts every year; and from 2006 on, it was renamed as "Environmental/Social Report" and social efforts are included in the report as well.
From now on, we will make an effort to widely communicate activity results regarding environmental management.

Topics Awarded the "Prize of Excellence"
of Environmental Communication Awards

The "Environmental/Social Report 2015" published by Harima Chemicals Group, Inc.in August 2015 was awarded with the "Prize of Excellence" in the category of environmental reporting at the 19th Environmental
Communication Awards* (Staged by the Ministry of Environment and the Global Environmental Forum)
With the increasing importance of the disclosure of information on the environment and society, we will continue our efforts to enhance corporate value and publish content-rich reports.
Image : Environmental Communication Awards Ceremony (Feb.24.2016)
Environmental Communication Awards Ceremony (Feb.24.2016)
* Environmental Communication Grand Prize: An awarding system that aims at encouraging business operators, etc. to make an effort with environmental communication and upgrading quality through the awarding of excellent environmental reports and environmental activity reports.

Efforts by Related Companies

From China -

Hangzhou Hanghua Harima Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Employee Education
In China, environmental regulations are becoming stricter, aimed at the improvement of serious environmental pollution. Hangzhou Hanghua Harima Chemical Co., Ltd. joins the sessions regarding air pollution prevention law staged by the environmental preservation bureau of xiaoshan-dist., Hangzhou-City, Zhejiang prov. where the business facility is located, and makes an effort to upgrade its knowledge for the resolution of environmental pollution.
Image : A session regarding Air Pollution Prevention Law (April.2016.)
A session regarding Air Pollution Prevention Law (April.2016.)

From Japan -

Nippon Filler Metals, Ltd.
Enhancement of Environmental Management
Nippon Filler Metals, Ltd. implements environmental management systems such as ISO14001, etc. as well as carrying out internal audits, and undergoing reviews carried out by an external certification body for the
enhancement of environmental management level. Furthermore, a safety/quality/environmental patrol that implements the checking items regarding the environment are conducted every month, and an improvement is made if any defective points are found.
Image : A review by an ISO14001 certification body (May.18.2016)
A review by an ISO14001 certification body (May.18.2016)

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