Harima Chemicals Group, Inc.


Our Pine Chemicals Studio is located on the premises of Kakogawa Site. Using an array of posters, videos and augmented reality (AR) technologies, visitors are introduced to the world of pine chemicals, the starting point of Harima Chemicals Group.

  • History of Rosin 1
  • History of Rosin 2
  • History of Rosin 3
  • History of Rosin 4
  • History of Rosin 5
  • History of Rosin 6
  • History of Rosin 7
  • History of Rosin 8

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Kakogawa Site

671-4 Mizuashi, Noguchi-cho, Kakogawa,Hyogo 675-0019, Japan

Tour Outline

Holidays: Sat, Sun, National holidays
Reservations: Up to one month in advance
Tour start: To be confirmed at the time of reservation
Tour time: 2 hr.
Capacity: 10-40 people
Fee: free of charge