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President Yoshihiro Hasegawa
PresidentYoshihiro Hasegawa

A Symphony of Future Prosperity Played
by Humans and Nature
That is our Wish at Harima Chemicals

Harima Chemicals Group has consistently utilized its wealth of accumulated know-how to effectively transform chemical resources obtained from the natural pine tree into value-added products for the enrichment of people and industry. Our innovative lineup, a result of dedicated R&D since Harima's foundation in 1947, has been the driving force behind our constant success as a world-renowned pine chemicals manufacturer. We will continue to promote global business development, both domestically and overseas, as an advanced eco-friendly corporation who considers the earth to be one field. Furthermore, the establishment of the Shorai Foundation is the materialization of our wish to assist in the advancement of science and technology.

The essence of our work at Harima is summed up by our basic philosophy: "Live a better life with what nature provides."
It is our sincere hope that we can further enrich people's lives in harmony with nature and technology while pursuing the creation of a more prosperous society.
With this firmly in mind, we will continue our endeavor to become a global leader in the field of pine chemicals by further deepening and maximizing the synergy between all companies within the group.

Shorai Foundation for Science and Technology

Harima's long-standing achievement in tall oil operation was recognized in 1982 when Harima's founder Sueyoshi Hasegawa received a Science and Technology Award from the Ministry of Science and Technology (now known as the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology). To mark this occasion, the Shorai* Foundation for Science and Technology was established in March 1983 to promote science, technology as well as world culture. It has gone on to award more than 600 million yen in research grants to date to subsidize and encourage activities including research, study and international exchanges in science and technology.
* ""Shorai"" means wind, or the sound of wind, blowing through pine trees.

Two researchers awarded research grants through the Shorai Foundation have gone on to win the Nobel Prize.

  • Dr. Ryoji Noyori Recipient of 1986 (4th Annual) Shorai-Research Grant
    Awarded 2001 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
  • Dr. Akira Suzuki Recipient of 1991 (9th Annual) Shorai-Research Grant
    Awarded 2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Shorai Foundation for Science and Technology