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Harima to Participate in Disability-support Program

Sep. 24, 2021

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 Harima Chemicals is glad to announce its participation in a disability-support program from Sep. 24, 2021. In collaboration with Japan-based S-POOL PLUS, Harima hired 3 new employees with disabilities and is providing working opportunities in a natural, stress-free environment at the newly established HARIMA FARM, where individuals can fully utilize their skills and thrive.

Full view of the facility
Full view of the facility

 S-POOL offers services tailored to individuals with various disabilities, and, in partnership with over 350 enterprises, is looking to expand hiring opportunities and societal integration in community life.

 Harima will dispatch its 3 new employees to an indoor agricultural facility recently opened by S-POOL in the city of Settsu, Osaka Prefecture, with the aim to promote employment and greater economic self-sufficiency, as well as inclusion in the mainstream society. In addition, the vegetables harvested at the facility will be used at our cafeteria at the Kakogawa Plant, as well as several children cafeterias.

Hydroponic containers
Hydroponic containers

 Harima has been long involved in the employment of individuals with disabilities and will continue these initiatives in order to actively promote the creation of a more diverse and inclusive society.

Chart 1. Employment Rate of People with Disabilities
(Harima vs. Legal Requirements in Japan) 2012-2021

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