Solder Pastes

Best in class performance: printability, reflow and solder joint reliability

HARIMA's room temperature stable and high reliability 90iSC solder pastes are highly regarded for their processability, performance, and reliability. MULTiCORE brand solder materials are guaranteed conflict-free and ensure sustainability through temperature stable and halogen-free flux chemistry platforms and deliver robust electrical interconnections essential for modern-day electronics.

With zero deliberately added halogens and integrating the purest raw materials available, HARIMA’s halogen-free formulations are, indeed, halogen-free.

MULTiCORE GC Temperature Stable Solder Paste – The Game Changers

MULTiCORE GC solder pastes deliver improved process, reliability, and sustainability metrics. Temperature stable throughout the logistics and operations value chains, MULTiCORE GC no-clean, halogen-free, and lead-free materials provide users with performance and cost-saving advantages on and off the production line, overcoming the drawbacks of conventional PB-free solder paste materials.

MULTiCORE GC 18 consistently aid to control very low solder voids specially for soldering components with large thermal pad area, such as Bottom Terminated Components (QFN, MLF, LGA), Dpak, and LEDs.

Sustainability is built into MULTiCORE GC 18 as it facilitates the elimination of costly nitrogen reflow processes, reduces rework, lowers processing costs, and cuts PPM defects.

Temperature Stable Solder Paste Jetting

Solder paste jetting allows for a much quicker application process, saving both time and production costs. Moreover, MULTiCORE GC products are designed to help improve stability in jetting processes.

A temperature stable solder paste capable of jetting repeatable solder deposits and delivering lifetime inside the jetting ejector system at temperatures up to 28°C it allows for storage up to 12 months without impacting long-term reliability. This is also ideally suited for pin in paste soldering applications where the solder material is dispensed through holes onto the substrate.

Printing Process Capability

With several printing processes and dispensing methods available to manufacturers, solder paste must allow for a wide range of process capabilities. MULTiCORE solder pastes provide flexibility and stability across applications and dispensing processes.  

High Solder Joint Reliability Lead Free Alloy

HARIMA’s 90iSC alloy was designed for applications and markets where extreme temperature resistance and reliability are non-negotiable and lead-free compliance is required. When traditional SAC alloys can’t deliver safety-critical performance, HARIMA’s 90iSC alloy is the answer. Tough, durable, adaptable, and high-temperature capable, 90iSC alloy is the lead-free benchmark for high reliability applications. 90iSC alloy has the ability to provide high creep and strain resistance within operating temperatures up to 150°C.

When subjected to thermal cycling, thermal shock, and thermal ageing, 90iSC alloy is unmatched. This, in combination with its solderability when integrated with the appropriate flux system, makes 90iSC alloy the world’s leading high reliability, lead-free, solder alloy.

HARIMA offers a complete range of MULTiCORE solder paste solutions in the 90iSC alloy which are capable of exceeding the challenges of harsh environments. As excessive growth of intermetallic compounds affects the mechanical integrity of solder joints negatively due to their brittle behavior, 90iSC alloy permits maintaining a stable interconnection with more than 75% original solder joint strength after thermal cycling.

SIR Reliability

MULTiCORE solder pastes offer a large range of halogen-free, no-clean solder paste solutions, leaving reduced amounts of residues with high surface insulation resistance (SIR) all without compromising long term reliability and electrochemical migration risks, including pin-in-paste soldered areas.

Residues are transparent and cosmetically compliant with industry requirements. The flux residues can be easily cleaned and removed with mainstream electronics cleaning solutions.

Materials Compatibility

Interactions between different materials is a key concern in electronics assembly. New electronics designs demand larger use of encapsulation underfills, conformal coatings, and thermal dissipation materials to achieve board-level reliability and expected operational performance.

Alternative Lead Free and Tin Lead Alloys

HARIMA’s line of solder alloys, provides customers with expansive options to address various process and product conditions. From traditional SnPb to Pb-free and high-reliability Pb-free, our alloy portfolio delivers solutions for numerous applications.

Die Attach Solder Paste

Die attach solder pastes from HARIMA tackle the high thermal requirements of next-generation semiconductor packages where high operating temperatures and harsh environments require high melt point materials. Multiple flux formulas provide packaging specialists with many options and the ability to select various alloys that align with application requirements.

Further Resources

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