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We Focus Attention on R&D with an Eye on the Future

Harima actively incorporates leading-edge technology into the development of new products that are harmonious with nature, energy-saving and ecological. Tireless research efforts bear fruit in the form of the many patents and diverse products in our lineup for which we receive widespread domestic and international recognition. Our Central Research Laboratory in Kakogawa and Tsukuba Research Laboratory in the heart of Tsukuba Science City form the backbone of domestic R&D activities. Armed with the latest research facilities and analytical equipment, researchers are free to push the boundaries of current knowledge in pursuit of science that is many years ahead of its time. R&D efforts received a significant boost in 2011 with the addition of LAWTER, and its research facilities located in the United States, Belgium, The Netherlands, China. Harima Chemicals Group is now in a better position than ever before to closely collaborate in meeting the demanding needs of an ever-changing world market with globally aligned R&D. Our unique technology born of passion and dedication is the driving force behind a more affluent lifestyle for all.

R&D locations

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