Harima Chemicals Group, Inc.


R&D Products

At Harima Chemicals, our advantages lie in rosin as a basic raw material and in our many core technologies such as emulsification and dispersion technology, interface control technology, functional resin technology, and polymer design technology. By combining these technologies, we strive to provide new materials and new technologies to help build a productive and humanistic society in line with our corporate philosophy.

An important part of providing these new technologies and materials is to ensure that they are produced not by a one-way process driven entirely by ourselves but through a process of dynamic interaction whereby we can appropriately address our customers' needs.

The following pages introduce the products we are researching and developing and illustrate our strengths in the R&D of functional resins, papermaking chemicals, electronic materials, and new functional materials. We hope you find this information interesting, and we would welcome any opinions you may have. Your ideas would provide us with valuable feedback for future research and development and help us to continue providing you with superior materials and products.