Harima Chemicals Group, Inc.


R&D Products

Functional Resins

For many years We are developing synthetic functional resins for use in paints, adhesives, and ink. More recently, we have been working on the development of products with enhanced functionality by exploiting resin synthesis techniques. These products include bio-based ink resins and resins for water-based paints with significantly reduced VOC emissions. We have also been making products with unique characteristics by combining our basic raw materials of rosin and fatty acids.

Paint Resin

By exploiting our key technical abilities, we are developing synthetic resins for paints ranging from ordinary industrial paints to special paints for buildings and plastics.
To tackle environmental issues, we have recently been developing products with lower levels of organic solvents and products that can be diluted with water.

Acrylic resins (two component polyol resins, one component cross-linked resins, non-aqueous dispersed resins)
Alkyd resins (short-oil, medium oil and long-oil alkyd resins, and various modified alkyd resin types)
Amide amine compounds and modified polyamines (epoxy-curing agents)
Water-soluble resins (water-soluble alkyd resins and acryl-modified alkyd resins)

Printing Ink Resin

We have been developing various resins for printing ink such as rosin-modified phenolic resin, modified rosin ester, and varnish.

Rosin-modified phenolic resin and varnish
Modified rosin ester and varnish
Long oil alkyd resin (with solventless)
Thermoplastic polyamide resins made from dimer acid and amines

Products with special functions

By using the superior flexibility of tall oil fatty acids (C18), which are a biomass resource, and dimer acids (C36 dicarboxylic acid) derived from these fatty acids, we are developing applications for the improvement of thermosetting resins and thermoplastic resins as well as lubricating and machining oils.

  • Fatty acid esters for lubricating and machining oils
  • Fatty-acid-ester-modified dimer acids with a high flash point and low viscosity
  • Dimer acid derivatives
  • Dimer acid polyamide resins (hot melt adhesives, epoxy-curing agents)
  • Dimer acid diesters
Adhesive Resin

We are developing high quality tackifiers resins that are matched to the particular functions of materials such as pressure sensitive adhesives, hot melt adhesives and water based adhesives. For the production of emulsion type tackifiers, we have developed a revolutionary new emulsification technique that uses no organic solvent whatsoever in the manufacturing process.