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Electronics Materials

Making Safer, more Evolved Electronic Devices Possible

Harima’s electronic materials business is in charge of the development, manufacture, and sale of items like solder and conductive paste used to mount microchips and form electronic circuits for today’s increasingly compact high-performance electronic devices.

Harima philosophy can be summed up as one that is both Clean (eco-friendly) and Fine (compact and highly functional).

We conduct our daily business activity with this philosophy and bring value-added proposals to the customers. Whether it is the low-cost micro soldering techniques that contribute to miniaturization, or independently developed multifunctional materials capable of shortening the production time of electronic devices, our customers are offered the latest in innovative new products based on advanced technology.

Solder Paste

Solder is a material used to form a joint between electronic parts and substrates during the manufacture of electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers. One variety called solder paste is a creamy mixture of fine metal powder and other materials which include rosin. We have applied the decomposing effect of rosin on metal oxides to develop unique solder paste by mixing metal powder with rosin derivatives. We believe it is our duty to protect the environment, and we are one of the first solder manufacturer to develop lead-free solder paste as a means of preventing the devastating impact that lead has on the environment when it leaches from old or discarded electronics due to acid rain. Ever since our lead-free solder paste was used to produce the world’s very first lead-free MD player in 1998, it has become widely adopted.

Image : Solder Paste

Conductive Paste

Conductive paste is, as the name suggests, an electrically conductive adhesive. Harima’s Extensive knowledge acquired in the fields of coating and adhesion resins has made it possible for us to create conductive paste that, for example, facilitates the release of heat generated by electronic devices (thermal conductivity) to allow for higher density of parts to be mounted. Also characterized by its high reliability and compatibility with various printing methods, conductive paste has become an indispensable soldering material in the parts assembly of next-generation electronics devices such as solar cells and smart phones.

Another of our conductive paste is NANOPASTE®, a stable distribution of nano-sized* metallic particles in ink-form that only needs to be applied and heated to form a highly reliable metallic membrane for a wide-range of joint and wiring applications. NANOPASTE®’s applicability to various printing methods, including ink-jet, has made it a prime candidate as a core material in the new area of printed electronics.

Image : Conductive Paste
<Harima Chemicals’ Silver Nano Particle>
Stable distribution is achieved by controlling the dispersion agents.

Aluminum Brazing Materials

Brazing technology used to join aluminum is another application of Harima’s extensive know-how. Aluminum brazing materials used in the manufacture of all kinds of aluminum products contribute to enhanced quality and reduced costs. Aluminum is commonly employed as a weight-saving measure in heat exchangers, which are an essential part of engine cooling and air conditioning in automobiles, making it necessary to braze aluminum parts of varying shapes together. Conventional manufacturing methods involved spraying the materials needed for brazing on to the entire surface of heat exchanger and then heating. However, the aluminum brazing material we engineered is an extension of our precoating technology and only requires that a minimum amount of brazing material be supplied just to the immediate brazing area, realizing drastic cost reductions and higher quality.

Image : Aluminum Brazing Material